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Locale Emulator Shortcut Maker

A utility to help your make shortcut for Locale Emulator.





  1. Batch processing.
  2. Create shortcut of application launched by Locale Emulator.
  3. Update shortcut launched by Locale Emulator to new profile.
  4. Update shortcut launched by AppLocale, NTLEA, NTLEAS, Locale Switch to Locale Emulator.

How to use

Download the archiver, extract the folder in the archiver and run the executable.
From the Ver, you don`t need put the executable in Locale Emulator home directory. When first launch this application, it will ask you choose where the Locale Emulator located.


If you want to help translating this application, you can find all strings in

After you translated the above files into your language, please either create a pull request or submit a task in issues tab to notify me about that.


  1. Clone the repo using Git.
  2. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 / 2013.
  3. Open LEShortcut.sln.
  4. Perform Build action.

Submit Issue

You can submit issues if you think this application is not working well.
When you submit issues, please follow these rules:
  1. Choose the type to issue.
  2. Choose the release version.

Feature Request

You can also submit an issue if you have some wonderful ideas to improve this application. I will consider the request.
When you submit issues, please follow these rules:
  1. Choose the type to feature.

About Locale Emulator

For info of Locale Emulator, see:

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